Are non-residents eligible for a mortgage in UAE?

Are non-residents eligible for a mortgage in UAE?

Non-UAE residents can get a mortgage from lenders operating in the UAE. For Non-UAE residents, there are some restrictions. The UAE Mortgage Cap law requires non-UAE residents to make a down payment of at least 25% of the property value (20% for UAE nationals) plus associated purchase costs. This goes up to 35% (30% for UAE nationals) plus costs for properties above AED 5 million. And if you are buying a second or third property, as an investment, for example, you will need at least 40% of the property value to cover your down payment.


  • Explore the property type you are going to purchase, apartment or villa, land or a plot.
  • Contact a real estate agent or to know the details of the properties thoroughly.
  • Make sure whether nonresident people have the right to purchase the land, you need to have a steady salary as well as should be legal to live in the UAE.
  • You can purchase a home loan or mortgage from any reputed or trustworthy financial institution.
  • Transfer deeds and pay the land registry tax correctly.


Down payment requirements for non-UAE nationals (ex-pats and nonresidents)

Purchase Type               Purchase Price        Maximum loan-to-value     Maximum Downpayment

1st Property                      Under AED  5 million                   75%                                             25%

1st Property                       Over AED 5 million                     65%                                             35%

2nd, 3rd +  Property               Any Price                                60%                                              40%


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