Dubai’s Most Outstanding  Architectural Landmarks

Dubai’s Most Outstanding Architectural Landmarks

This is the best guide to learn about the most remarkable architectural landmarks in Dubai. In this guide, you will find a combination of,

  • Famous landmarks
  • Architectural buildings
  • Glorious towers
  • Engineering wonders
  • Prominent attractions
  • Historical sites

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa made its mark in the world as an engineering wonder back in 2009. This building was designed by Adrian Smith and forms part of Downtown Dubai. This magnificent building stands at 828m. The cost of this project was estimated to be $4 billion. It is the tallest man-made structure and it is also notable for having the highest swimming pool, highest mosque and highest viewing platform. The design reflects the indigenous desert flower, and the building is home to offices, residential sectors, retail outlets, shops and entertainment venues.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

This spectacular 7-star hotel is an iconic landmark in Dubai and is a beautifully lit building. It stands at 321m and comes complete with a fabulous colour combination depicting water and fire. The hotel has some amazing features such as an underwater restaurant, sky view bar and outdoor tennis court. It is one of the original beach hotels with a sparkling beachside, fantastic water-park and multiple dining options.

Palm Islands

This is a gorgeous island that is not just a tourist destination. It is considered one of the engineering wonders of Dubai. An artificial island designed in the shape of a palm-tree, this glorious island is packed with beachfront villas, apartment buildings, luxury hotels, water-theme parks, marinas and leisure centres that epitomizes grandeur like no other.


Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a fully-fledged ski resort that will let you zip line, ski and snowboard all year long. It is the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East and takes you on a chilly tour of Dubai. Who knew that such large snowfalls could be seen in the city? You can enjoy breathtaking views, experience penguin encounters or starts a snowball fight. Enjoy everything snowy at Ski Dubai with its Snow Park that features a winter-themed avalanche, incredible Slope with its thrills and chills and Ski School where you can learn to ski like a pro.

Al Sahra Desert Resort

Al Sahra Desert Resort offers a mystical experience set on 37 million sq. ft. of sand dunes. It is home to camels and horses, flickering lanterns and fairy tales. You can feast on delicious Arabian or international buffet and be captivated by exotic belly dancers, fire dancers and spinning tanoura dancers. Experience the best of traditional Emirati culture on a magical night out in the desert.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall offers an epic journey into the best of retail stores, department stores, restaurants, aquarium, underwater zoo, ice rink, entertainment zones and a hotel. It has 1,200 retail stores and is home to luxury brands like Cartier and Harry Winston and world-renowned designers such as Burberry and Versace. The Dubai Mall covers 1 million square meters and beckons you to indulge in a once in a lifetime experience.


Dubai Miracle Garden

There is a garden in Dubai, would you believe it? It is a natural flower garden and the largest in the world. By now, you would recognize a trend that everything you see in Dubai is truly the biggest, largest or highest. The garden is home to 45 million flowers that come in marvellous shapes such as stars, hearts and igloos. It is a signature creation that is beyond belief and is one of a kind in the world for its unique displays. A 400m walking track has been introduced for leisure walkers who want to enjoy the floral artistry.



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