Dubai to host international forum for real estate professional

Dubai to host international forum for real estate professional

Dubai to host international forum for real estate professionals

The Dubai Land Department, DLD, will host the 69th World Congress of the International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI, in Dubai on April 27 - May 2, 2018.

FIABCI provides access and opportunity for real estate professionals interested in gaining knowledge, sharing information and conducting international business with each other.

"Dubai made a prominent appearance at the 68th edition of the event, which took place under the slogan ‘Smart City, Smart Building in the European state of Andorra on May 23- 28," said Mahmoud Al Burai, Executive Director of Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), the educational arm of DLD.

"Dubai participated in this year’s congress with a major platform to inform delegates of what we will be presenting at the ‘Happy Cities’ edition next year. Dubai is perfectly positioned to organise major international events and this has allowed us to gain the trust of delegates from across the world. Dubai was voted to host this important event due to this exceptional reputation and the concerted efforts made by a number of our official institutions – notably the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and Emirates Airline. We are confident that we will organise a unique edition that is aligned with our vision of making Dubai the world's leading destination for innovation, confidence and happiness."

During the event, Al Burai delivered a presentation highlighting investment prospects in Dubai and the regulations that have been introduced to guarantee the rights of all parties in this sector. Dubai also took this opportunity to launch the official website for the 69th edition – – in order to promote it among the attendees and inform them of the busy agenda they can expect.

The presentation also shed light on the unique opportunities that the UAE and Dubai in particular can offer visitors and investors.

The FIABCI conference is an essential platform for those working in the real estate sector, as it provides them with the latest knowledge, allows them to exchange ideas and visions, and promotes international trade links and partnerships. It is a global network that is open to all stakeholders in the industry, which promotes business and trade opportunities, and shares information and best practices at local, regional and global levels.

The network includes over 100 real estate companies, 1.5 million real estate professionals, 60 academic institutions and 3,000 companies and individuals directly associated with the real estate sector, including brokerage firms, real estate developers, lawyers, engineers, and insurance and planning experts. The systems and materials presented at the event are being shared and deployed in four key regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. 

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