Upcoming Growth in Dubai’s Real Estate Market after Expo 2020

Upcoming Growth in Dubai’s Real Estate Market after Expo 2020

Dubai is already considered a safe-haven because of its magnificent location and tourist attraction. With Expo 2020 coming home, Dubai will be splurged with tourist who would need accommodation. 71% of the 5 to 10 million visitors who are expected to visit Expo 2020 will be non-domestic visitors. The economic impact in the aftermath of the event will be even more consequential to Dubai, than the economic impact during the event and leading up to it.  Over 70% of them international visitors - during the six-month event, the impact will be much more far-reaching. With its central geographic location, world-class infrastructure and the highest standards of safety and security guaranteed, Dubai is poised to impress the visitors, leading to the arrival of more professionals and entrepreneurs to the city. With the current focus of property developers to offer competitive deals, through easy payment plans, will further incentivize more people to invest in own homes – helping build one of the most competitive real estate sectors and creating long-term value for investors.  

 Nshama is building the 21,000-home Town Square community. Definitely, green is a big theme at Town Square. When all of them are ready, the parks would cover about 1.5 million square feet plus 16 community gardens. Many of the retail elements are also now falling into place, with a Carrefour now all set to open. Not just the buildings, the retail and parks also show investors the scale of their intent. Indeed, the developer has a lot of green areas to play around with - 1.5 million square feet has been marked out for parks.

Meraas, one of the most renowned real estate developer in Dubai, which earlier this year, unveiled plans for a New York-style Central Park at its City Walk development in Al Wasl. The total area for its private park - 40,000 sq. mts.

The MBR (Mohammad Bin Rashid) City - now attracting quite a fair bit of investor interest for its premium properties like District One Plot, District One Residences, Gemini splendor and many more - also has extensive green plans.


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