Falconcity of Wonders

Inspired by the wonders of the world, Falconcity of Wonders is established to provide a luxurious lifestyle within a peaceful community in the modern life of Dubai. This mega project, which is shaped like a falcon symbolizing the UAE’s heritage, is located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road giving easy access to all major roads linking Dubai to the other emirates.

Covering an area of 3.8 million square meters, the project provides a fully integrated community catering to the needs of the residents to enjoy the tranquil modern living. Falconcity of Wonders features various commercial, educational, residential and leisure amenities with entertainment facilities. It includes different luxurious international-themed villas, spacious apartments, shopping malls, hotels, the finest-dining restaurants, health clubs, spas, nurseries, schools and parks. Falconcity of Wonders is built to serve as a multi-purpose destination, created to appeal to the widest audience covering all age groups and nationalities.

Eastern Residences | Falconcity of Wonders

Saam Vega | Falconcity of Wonders


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