Heart of Europe

Heart of Europe is Dubai's first selective get-away hotel with a portion of the world's generally looked for after homes. The Islands will include Duabi first Family 5 Star Resort, One 6 Star Resort and two 7 Star Resorts. 51 European nations spoke to with 51 bona fide bistros and cafés, energizing night life and shopping. The retreat highlights 100,000 regular corals and a submerged legacy gallery.

The Heart of Europe in Dubai will be a genuinely novel occasion goal giving a valid encounter of a portion of Europe's generally enchanting and ageless highlights. The six staggering islands will be home to an assortment of incredible inns, atmosphere controlled squares, genuine European bistros and eateries, boutiques, plenty of value live diversion thus substantially more! Dubai is synonymous with development, desire, energy and interest and The Heart of Europe will be another famous first for the city with a ground breaking vision.

Germany Villas | Heart of Europe

Portofino Hotel | Heart of Europe

The Cote D'Azur Hotel | Heart of Europe


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