Villanova is situated along Emirates Road and Academic City Road. Villanova is one of the most wanted networks because of its focal area. Villanova is encompassed by a lot of lavish green parks and that will give the occupants a sheltered asylum, away from the buzzing about of the city. You will think that its simple to get to your preferred significant goals. Occupants of Villanova will approach Al Maktoum Airport a 40 minutes' drive. Villanova is 7 minutes to worldwide town. The primary preferred position is that it is just a short ways from Mohammad canister Zayed street and 18 minutes to expo 2020. Villanova is a network which involves a sound and agreeable condition for youngsters to grow up.

La Rosa | Villanova

La Rosa 4 - Villanova | Villanova

Villanova - Amaranta | Villanova

Villanova La Quinta | Villanova


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