Wadi Al Safa

Wadi Al Safa is a private network known as Wadi Al Safa, the network covers a territory of 10.5 km² and has rich private structures and all around planned estates. The region offers speedy access to shops and eateries and offers a scope of estates and condos for lease and deal. Aqueduct Al Safa is one of the cutting edge private networks in Dubai offering a perfect mix of private structures and compound manors. It offers numerous comforts and ensures accommodation for its inhabitants. The territory is near schools, general stores and facilities.

  • Aqueduct Al Safa is a private network.
  • The properties in Wadi Al Safa incorporate reasonable lofts and manors.
  • The lofts comprise of numerous offices.
  • Schools, stores, mosques and shopping centres are largely close by.

Blue Waves Tower | Wadi Al Safa

K1 Residence | Wadi Al Safa

Rukan Lofts | Wadi Al Safa

Wavez Residence | Wadi Al Safa


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